RMP Rob Moreno Photography, LLC

Specializing in Residential and Commercial Real Estate Photography

Serving Boston's North Shore Communities

What I do

Whether you are a realtor, home owner, interior designer or business owner, you want photographs that best represent your property to potential buyers and customers. You want images that make a lasting impression. Photography is a key step in marketing any property or business. My photographs will showcase each property or business to its advantage. In addition to shooting and retouching images, I will use my experience to help capture the unique aspects of your property or business. I promise to give you outstanding and personal customer service. At the same time, I know time is of the essence; therefore, I will offer prompt, efficient and reliable service. My photographs will help you obtain listings, as well as luring buyers in the door.


Photos with Gallery Tour:

  • $189 for homes under 2k sqft
  • $210 for homes between 2-4k sqft
  • Homes greater than 4k sqft - Call for pricing
  • Two sets of 30-40 professional still images. Set number one properly sized for MLS uploads and set two properly sized for Print Media (High Resolution). All photos delivered via drop box or other free file delivery methods.
  • ​Photos in slideshow with information tabs
  • Each image will be software enhanced to eliminate or minimize shadows, correct hues and contrast, enhance ambiance/saturation and crop (as needed).

Interactive Floor Plan Tour Packages:

**Homes under 2,000 square feet

  • $290
  • professional still images and interactive floor plan.

**Homes 2,000-4,000 square feet

  • $320
  • professional still images and interactive floor plan

**Homes over 4,000 square feet

  • call for pricing

**Does NOT include non-GLA. For example, home's GLA is 1,900 sq. ft., but the home has a two-car garage, deck, unfinished basement, etc. these items will be captured in the floor plan and therefore increases the house's interior space an additional 1,000 sq. ft.   

Floor Plan Only

  • call for pricing

Additional Services

Aerial Photography - call for pricing

Aerial Videography - call for pricing

​Virtual Staging - call for pricing

​Agent headshots - call for pricing

​Twilight Photos - call for pricing

​Video Walk-Thru - call for pricing

24-48 hour turn around time
Additional fees may apply for floor plans for contemporary or unusually complex lay-outs. 

prices subject to change without notice