Rob's Grandfather, J.N. Moreno

posing in 1921 (age 25) with his

Kodak Folding Bellows Camera,

film size 116 or 616.


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Rob Moreno


Rob Moreno Photography, LLC

Rob's father, Art Moreno in the mid 1980's 

posing in front of his photographic store.

Rob's father, Art Moreno posing in 1939  

(age 5). Camera might be a Zeiss Ikoflex.

Rob's Grandfather, J.N. Moreno

posing in 1946 while processing and printing B&W photos in his darkroom.

Rob Moreno is a third generation photographer. In the early 1900's, his grandfather not only did portrait photography but he also processed and printed his own photographs. Rob's father took what he learned from Rob's grandfather and opened successful photography supply stores in Texas and New Mexico. Rob worked in the business from a very early age to learn the family craft. Rob eventually managed one of the two New Mexico stores.  

Rob relocated from his native Texas over 25 years ago and loves to call the North Shore his home. He has an undergraduate degree from the University of North Texas and a masters degree from Virginia Tech. He has extensive management experience in the retail and restaurant industries.

Rob takes great pride in carrying on the family tradition of photography. He wants to utilize his photography and business experience along with his artistic skills to help you showcase your residential and commercial real estate properties. Rob wants to create images for you that make a lasting impression.